True Ownership
Owner control over access rights. In Sharp#Soft´s solution you have total privacy: you are your own administrator and no one else can override your passwords etc.
Other solutions have centrally managed accounts and authentication via credentials that are possible to manipulate.

Protection Everywhere
Total security of any data regardless of where it is placed.

Information Sharing
In Sharp#Soft´s solution you have complete security in sending and receiving any data, information, messages etc. You share information via authentication; you access the content via your credentials, such as identity.
Other solutions have problems with lots of information with many passwords to be shared with multiple individuals.

Identify yourself and others anywhere without the risk of copycats. In Sharp#Soft´s solution, the identity, own by yourself, is impossible to manipulate.
Other solutions offer identities that are possible to manipulate, which makes your identity vulnerable and easy for others to take over.